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Popular Questions


Lubrico Warranties are available for purchase from Patton Motorcars at the time of purchase of a vehicle, or prior to the expiration of an existing Factory Warranty. The type and term of coverage must be chosen and an application filled out as part of the vehicle transaction.

A. No. If you’re purchasing a vehicle through an Authorized Selling Dealer, you may only purchase Lubrico coverage through that dealership.

A. The cost of a Lubrico Warranty will depend on the type of coverage selected, the age of the vehicle you are purchasing/leasing, and its odometer reading at the time of purchase/lease. Patton Motorcars is Your Authorized Selling Dealer and we can advise you of which programs are available to you, as well as their associated costs.

A. Yes! This is the only occasion when you can purchase a Lubrico Warranty separately to the purchase of the vehicle. At any time prior to the expiry of the Manufacturer’s Warranty you can purchase a Lubrico Warranty from Patton Motorcars – located 1721 Harvey Ave. Depending on the type of coverage still in effect from the manufacturer, we have several types and terms of coverage that may be available on your vehicle.

A. Quite simply: if you don’t use it, you won’t lose it!
If you purchase a 2, 3, or 4 year Lubrico Warranty and don’t make any claims for the full term, you’re eligible to purchase an identical second term of the same coverage for only $149 plus applicable taxes.

  • The original warranty must have no claims paid/authorized/pending against it.
  • This offer is only available to the original warranty purchaser.
  • The customer obligations of your original warranty must be adhered to as per the Terms & Conditions.
  • You must contact Lubrico Warranty just prior to the expiration (in time or mileage, whichever occurs first) of the original warranty term to activate the second term.
  • A current oil change receipt may be required at the activation of the second term.
  • The second warranty term has no cash value and is non-cancellable and non-transferable.
  • This offer is not available on warranty renewals or transfers.

A. Lubrico Warranty Inc. offers various types of programs providing different levels of coverage. Consult Patton Motorcars to determine which programs are available on the vehicle you are purchasing. For detailed parts coverage, we suggest that you read the “Coverage” section on the back of your warranty application; this outlines in detail parts that are covered, as well as other details such as the deductible, how to make a claim, and things that are expressly not covered by the plan. .

A. If you experience problems with your vehicle that you think may be covered by your Lubrico Warranty, contact our Claims Department immediately at 1-800-265-1510. We will then direct you to the appropriate Authorized Repair Centre in your area. You can call over service department Dundas Automotive Repair 519-455-9470 We’re are the preferred authorized auto repair shop that works with Lubrico in London ontario .

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Kelly Ens

Has a great selection! I was looking for a few specific brands of cars and Jeff was extremely helpful in finding the right car for me. Not only did he help me find a gorgeous ride, but he ensured that my car would be ready and mechanically sound. Though there may not be as large of a selection as other private dealerships, it may be hard to find such competitive pricing, even more so, excellent customer service. Highly recommend Patton Motors!!

Kelly Ens

Mike Empsey

We did what you're never supposed to do - buy a car sight unseen over the Internet. However, Jeff and Adel made the whole process easy, provided answers to all our queries, and were conscientious and professional throughout. They even hired a driver to deliver the car to us - an 8-hour trip! Thanks again from Prince George.

Mike Empsey

Witold P

Bought a car from This place, I was super happy with the service. They had exactly what I was looking for in my budget. Guys are honest about their cars. My vehical came with an inspection. It was a very pleasant experience and no BS! Also very nice selection

Witold P

Sarah Smith

5 months ago I am a two-time buyer from Jeff Patton. The first car he sold me was a Honda Civic SE, and was in perfect condition. The new clutch his mechanic installed felt like stepping on air. At the time, I also appreciated that he was sympathetic to my situation, and made the effort to hook me up with a deal on winter tires (as well as install them before the sale). Another service Jeff provided was discounted mechanical work on my car, should anything happen to it.

Sarah Smith